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Beware of the CINO's (Christian In Name Only)

I was doing some research on Confederate monuments today and by sheer coincidence I stumbled upon an article which was posted in 2016 Confederate about Confederate monuments in Missouri and Mississippi. The article was published on a Wheaton Academy blog and appears to be written by two individuals who were students there at the time.

The students write that:

"Throughout our research of monuments in both Mississippi and Missouri we have concluded well not all monuments may be racist, some encourage and revive violent confederate beliefs. The monuments have brought out radical actions in both states. For example, in Mississippi, near the Rankin County Confederate Monument a black male was killed due to radical Confederate beliefs. James Craig Anderson, a 49 year old black male was assaulted and ran over by an 18 year old White Confederate supporter, Deryl Dedmon (Therese)."

The students then turn their attention to examples in Missouri...

"Similar to the situation in Mississippi, Missouri has confederate monuments that aggravate unwanted views and behavior. However, unlike Mississippi, finding monuments that have not caused trouble is quite the task. Two monuments in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau have caused problems. First, in St. Louis a 32-foot granite monument stands. The base features engraved writing titled “The Angel of the Spirit of the Confederacy.” as well as an engraving the statue memorializes “the soldiers and sailors of the Southern Confederacy, who fought to uphold the right declared by the pen of Jefferson and achieved by the sword of Washington” Over the past couple years, the question of whether or not the statute should be there has been long overdue for some. The monument is seen as euphemistic and some say it supports confederate values. The statue has recently been vandalized with the words “F*** the Confederacy” and “Black lives Matter” (O’neil). The confederate monument has stirred a lot of debate and many have called for its relocation to a Civil War Museum. Similar acts have happened in Cape Girardeau. On October, 11 2011 the monument was spray painted in the night. ‘’Go south, we are in the union’’ it read. For the African Americans in the community the monument is threatening and oppressive. On the other hand some whites are incredibly proud of their state and its history, constantly fighting to keep the monument standing. After the graffiti was discovered a confederate supporter and white male protested the destruction of the statue. When questioned the individual said, "I'm standing up for the soldiers since they can't stand up for themselves, they weren't fighting for slavery -- they had no choice." Almost 150 years after the last shot was fired, the monument causes much unrest."

For those with enquiring minds I was the "Confederate supporter" and "White male" the students were referring to in Cape Girardeau.

Incredibly these students at the Wheaton Academy blamed the monuments for the "unrest".

I don't know what they are teaching these students at the college-prep academy (which is located in West Chicago, Illinois ). I hate to be the one to tell them that monuments are inanimate objects , thus they are incapable of "creating " anything.

The picture becomes more clear when one clicks on the "history" link on their website which states:

"Wheaton Academy began in 1853 when a group of abolitionists founded Illinois Institute to educate their children. Two years later, they were given permission to form a college. Jonathan Blanchard was called upon to head the school and when he arrived in 1860, Illinois Institute was reorganized into Wheaton College and its preparatory school, Wheaton College Academy."

Wait. Abolitionists?

I hate to be the one to break it to the fine folks at Wheaton but there was nothing peaceful about abolitionists or their ideals.

On August 21, 1831 Nat Turner, a Virginia slave enlisted the help of other slaves and led a violent insurrection. According to the History Channel website:

"Believing in signs and hearing divine voices, Turner was convinced by an eclipse of the Sun (1831) that the time to rise up had come, and he enlisted the help of four other slaves in the area. An insurrection was planned, aborted, and rescheduled for August 21,1831, when he and six other slaves killed the Travis family, managed to secure arms and horses, and enlisted about 75 other slaves in a disorganized insurrection that resulted in the murder of 51 white people."

Prominent and wealthy abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher secretly shipped Sharps carbine rifles to Kansas via the New England Emigrant Aid Society in crates marked "bibles", hence the rifles earned the nickname of "Beecher's Bibles".

In 1858 abolitionist John Brown began to murder pro-slavery settlers in Kansas. According to the History Channel website:

"John Brown was a radical abolitionist who believed in the violent overthrow of the slavery system. During the Bleeding Kansas conflicts, Brown and his sons led attacks on pro-slavery residents. Justifying his actions as the will of God, Brown soon became a hero in the eyes of Northern extremists and was quick to capitalize on his growing reputation. By early 1858, he had succeeded in enlisting a small “army” of insurrectionists whose mission was to foment rebellion among the slaves. In 1859, Brown and 21 of his followers attacked and occupied the federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry. Their goal was to capture supplies and use them to arm a slave rebellion. Brown was captured during the raid and later hanged, but not before becoming an anti-slavery icon."

Of course perhaps the students and faculty of the Wheaton Academy could look to their own state in their search for racial injustice.

The Illinois Periodical Online website has an article devoted to "Black Codes" of the state. According to the website:

"Legislators in the first General Assembly passed measures designed to discourage African-Americans from coming to Illinois. Blacks were denied suffrage, and other laws deprived them of most rights accorded free white men. African-Americans were prohibited from immigrating without a certificate of freedom. Moreover, they had to register that certificate, along with the certificates of any children, immediately upon entering the state. Among other things, the state legislature intended to discourage Illinois from becoming a haven for runaway slaves. Any runaway found in the state could be sentenced by a justice of the peace to thirty-five lashes. African-Americans assembling in groups of three or more could be jailed and flogged. Additionally, they could not testify in court nor serve in the militia. Finally, state law forbade slaveholders, under penalty of a severe fine, from bringing slaves into Illinois in order to free them."

Then there is the Crenshaw House near Equality, Illinois. As the Southern Illinoisan newspaper reported on February 21, 2016:

"GALLATIN COUNTY – In January 2001, the state paid $500,000 for a house and 10 acres near Equality and Junction built circa 1840 that has been identified as a historic “station” on the Reverse Underground Railroad.

It was given that distinction by the National Parks Service because its original owner, John Crenshaw, is believed to have kidnapped free black people in Illinois and then sold them into slavery in southern states.

Crenshaw also owned slaves under a narrow exemption in Illinois law adopted as part of the 1818 state constitution that allowed operators of salt mines near Shawneetown to continue using slave labor until 1825. U.S. Census records indicate Crenshaw likely also owned slaves after that date as well."

If the students and faculty of the Wheaton Academy really wanted to find racial injustice it would have been as easy as looking in their own backyard.

The 2006 History Channel documentary "Eighty Acres of Hell" (about Camp Douglas prisoner of war camp in Chicago) mentions the fact that guards there were ordered to shoot any black prisoner in Confederate uniform.

I could go on but I think I've made my point.

Is the Wheaton Academy a product of its abolitionist origins? There can be no doubt about it but more disturbing is that it also appears to be part of a trend in which Christian organizations condemn the South and its historical symbols.

In June, 2015 Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention wrote:

"This week the nation reels over the murder of praying Christians in an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina. At the same time, one of the issues hurting many is the Confederate Battle Flag flying at full-mast from the South Carolina Capitol grounds even in the aftermath of this racist act of violence on innocent people. This raises the question of what we as Christians ought to think about the Confederate Battle Flag, given the fact that many of us are from the South."

Again, inanimate objects "hurting" people. It sounds much like the article posted on the Wheaton Academy website.

An article posted at Christian Century. Org reports that Reverend R.W. Lee IV resigned from his position as pastor of his church because of outrage which ensued after he spoke out against his Gr Gr Gr Gr uncle General Robert E. Lee.

According to the article:

"Robert W. Lee IV, the general’s great-great-great-great-nephew, resigned September 4 from his position as a pastor amid controversy over his speaking out in favor of removing confederate monuments and against white supremacy. MTV invited him to speak at its Video Music Awards on August 27, standing beside Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer, the counter protester who was killed in Charlottesville. He called Heyer an inspiration, along with the Black Lives Matter movement."

In this particular example we have a pastor who is not only blaming inanimate objects for racial strife, he is actually endorsing a radical , violent , anti-white organization (Black Lives Matter).

The liberal  agenda is to destroy everything that is an obstacle to communism and as painful as it is for some to hear this, they have infiltrated the churches through their leaders. It's an essential objective in their game plan, communism has no room for other religion because under communist rule, communism is the only religion.

In order for the communists to succeed they must remove every obstacle that represents religious and regional identity and they are working through many Christian denominations and organizations to do it.


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