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The "Other" Side: Reasons For The Way I Chose To Write My Latest Book

I've gotten a lot of feedback since I released "Blood in the Ozarks: Union War Crimes Against Southern Sympathizers and Civilians in Occupied Missouri Second Edition", most of it has been positive but there is the occasional criticism, some of it from critics who haven't even read the book yet. A select few are triggered by the title alone. I often hear "What do you mean occupied? Missouri was a border state!"  The most popular criticisms by far are, "There were atrocities on BOTH sides!", and  "I wish there was a book that told the other side of the story." 
I will try and address these criticisims in order.
You have to admit that describing Missouri as "occupied" in the title is an attention getter. An author should come up with a title and book cover that grabs the attention of would-be-readers but more importantly, it is the truth, Missouri was occupied.
Critics do have a point when they describe Missouri as a "border…