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Fake News and False Information On Mississippi Scalawag Flag Proposal

WREG News Channel 3 (Memphis , Tennessee) is reporting:

"Laurin Stennis’ flag design has gained so much popularity that even those who order the flag want her autograph. She matched the colors exactly to the United States flag.
“I think those are wonderful colors and the symbolism is meaningful, but also this is a strong standalone but when you pair it with the United States flag they make a handsome couple,” said Stennis.
Nineteen stars circle around a large star, which represents Mississippi as the 20th state to join the Union in 1817. The large star is called Bonnie Blue.
Stennis had some help producing the flags with Complete Flag Source. To date, well over 2,000 Stennis flags have been sold."
According to the report Stennis' asks:
"Is our logo doing it’s job? I would argue absolutely not because every time it comes up we fight about and we get tense.”

Okay, where to start?
WREG reports that the flag is already very popular. That is false. Yes two thousand flags…

Latest Update on Delaware County Corruption Involves Former Prosecutor / Defense Attorney

This post is the latest update in my coverage of Edwin Turlington's self-defense case. In 2014 he was arrested after shooting a methamphetamine manufacturer who had set up shop on Turlington's family property. When Edwin attempted to conduct a citizen's arrest on the perpetrator , he charged Turlington with a glass bottle and it was at this point Turlington fired a single shot into the perpetrator's leg.
What Turlington did not know was that the man he shot (Darrell Philpott) despite having a long criminal record was an informant for the Delaware County, Oklahoma Sheriff's Department. Mr. Turlington soon found himself as the focus of the department and was charged for shooting Philpott.
As a result he hired the services of local attorney Winston Connor II. Mr. Turlington paid Mr. Connor $10,000 to retain his services. Connor wanted an additional $20,000- $30,000 for his services and considering the fact that Mr. Turlington felt he was not properly being represente…

Suffering on the Southwest Border

This is why I love digging in the archives. The following article appeared in the Confederate Veteran magazine Volume Vol. XXV, Feb. 1917. It was entitled "Suffering on the Southwest Border" and submitted  Mrs. Flora E. Stevens of Kansas City, Missouri. In it she addresses the difference between the atrocities committed by the men of Sherman's "March to the Sea" and the depredations inflicted on Missourians by Kansas Jayhawkers. To illustrate her point Mrs. Stevens states, "...These troops were chivalrous, high-principled men in comparison with the Kansas soldiers and the members of the 2d Colorado in their treatment of the unfortunate dwellers of Missouri on the Kansas border. "
"An article in the January Veteran on “The South’s Suffering” dwells upon the devastation inflicted by Sherman and Sheridan as the greatest endured by the South during the war; but these troops were chivalrous, high-principled men in comparison with the Kansas soldiers a…

The Intolerable Terms of Other People: Trump's Strategic Blunder

Today was the big announcement we have all been waiting for from President Trump. It was everything I hoped it wouldn't be. My hope was that he declare a state of emergency, end the shutdown and just start building the wall. My fear was that he would allow a million illegal immigrants to stay in a show of good faith, propose a boatload of money for "high-tech" monitoring of our southern border (which means someone is going to get insanely rich from integrating a system no one is going to use) and probably a very small portion of the border wall that would not be concrete, or beautiful.
I regret to inform you that what I feared was what we got. Fox News reported:
"Trump announced that he was prepared to back a three-year extension of protections for 700,000 immigrants who came to the country illegally as children and were shielded from deportation under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This, in exchange for the $5.7 billion he has…

What William Thorpe Wants

It has happened again. Another late night quasi-secret removal of American history has occurred. This time it was the remnants of "Silent Sam" on the University of North Carolina campus.
Fox News reported:
"The first and largest piece of the remnants of a Confederate statue known as "Silent Sam" is lifted before being transported to the bed of a truck early Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019 on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C. The last remnants of the statue were removed at the request of UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt, who also announced her resignation in a move that increases pressure on the system's board of governors to give up on plans to restore the monument."
No sooner had the dust settled from the heinous act when William Thorpe showed up wearing an imitation Union uniform while advocating to replace "Silent Sam" with a Union monument.
In an interview with CBS17.Com Thorpe declared:
"We've bee…

The War That Wasn't: The Real Agenda Against All Things Confederate

The illustration on the left is an artist's concept of a Union soldier. I have to admit, I'm quite perplexed by it. Why? I shall tell you why.
First he has a rifle. Second he has a uniform, a canteen a bedroll and a knapsack. In other words, this would-be soldier has all of the supplies and equipment that would ready him for a military campaign / battle.
Why does this perplex me? 
It perplexes me because recent events have led me to the conclusion that the "War Between the States" never happened.
Given the events of recent years it's natural to conclude it didn't happen.
Fox news compiled a running list of Confederate monuments that have been removed thus far and while the majority of those were at the hands of Democrats, there are several Republicans behind the removal of them.  
Below is the list compiled by Fox News correspondent Christopher Carbone.
Annapolis, Md.
Under cover of darkness, city workers removed a statue in Au…

Update: Oklahoma Veteran's Arraignment in 2014 Self-Defence Shooting

Edwin Turlington went to his court arraignment today in Delaware County, Oklahoma. Below is a video update from Edwin. His brother had a meeting with the local prosecutor after Edwin's appearance who is claiming that he did not know about Mr. Philpotts (Mr. Turlington's accuser) record of felony convictions , In 2017 he was convicted on a drug felony (meth) from a 2016 arrest a current bench warrant for his arrest and two recent DWI's, there is also a police video shows Philpott threatening to kill his arresting officer, which is a felony. Philpott has fled the Delaware County, Oklahoma area and his whereabouts is unknown.  
To support Edwin Turlington please call Kenny Wright, District 13 (Delaware and Ottawa county Oklahoma) at: 918-253-4217

For those who aren't familiar with Edwin's story, the abridged version of the story is that in April, 2014 Edwin Turlington caught Darrell Phillpott and two other men making meth on his family's property. Mr. Turlington (…

New Evidence Emerges as Oklahoma Veteran's Arraignment Date Approaches in Self-Defense Shooting

Note: This is the third installment investigating the charges against Oklahoma veteran Edwin Turlington, who, in 2014 was arrested for defending himself against the attacks of a known violent criminal.

Edwin Turlington's scheduled arraignment date is Monday, January 7, 2019 and as this date draws closer, Turlington has been giving frequent updates on his Facebook page. Approximately one hour ago Mr. Turlington published the following post, which includes additional information about Darrell Philpott (the man Turlington shot in self-defense in 2014) , his arrest record as well as dashcam video of one of his arrests. Together, the information shows a pattern in Philpott's behavior.

"My brother Lance is giving a briefing to the public at Mazzio's in Grove after my arraignment at the Delaware County Courthouse in Jay at 10:00 Monday morning, January 7th.
My brother is a full Colonel in the active US Army JAG Corps. For civilians reading this, that means he briefs Generals a…