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Ozarks Alive: Advocating the Death of Our Heritage

While scrolling through Facebook today an article published by Ozarks Alive caught my eye. The article entitled "Just My Opinion: Thoughts on the Confederate Battle Flag" written by Kaitlyn McConnell, a self-described "seventh generation "Ozarker". As suspected the article was more about "feelings" than facts. McConnell writes:
While I can’t speak for all African-Americans, I don’t think I would be. I wouldn’t know why the flag was being flown. I wouldn’t know if I would be seen as equal because of my skin.
I would know that the people there cared so little about my feelings that they chose to fly it. - Kaitlyn McConnell
"Today, I feel it’s impossible to separate the issue of racism from the flag.

People who fly the flag may passionately say they simply do it for the aforementioned reasons. That it’s about exercising their rights; that they see all people as equal; and that they would never, ever look down on someone because they are a different…

Dem' Emails I've Been Gettin'

Recently I took a survey put out by the Democrats (you know just to mess with them) and I have been paid back 10 fold in free entertainment in the form of chain letters from them. Below is just a sample:


"Nancy Pelosi has been an incredible leader for the Democratic party. She is fearless in the fight against Trump. She’ll never stop fighting for our progressive values.
Now that Democrats control the House, we can finally put an END to Trump’s reign of terror.
That’s why it’s so important that we have strong Democratic leaders who will stand up to Trump and Republicans and fight for our future -- like Nancy!"
Oooohhh spooky. 
What is their left to say accept Venezuela's Maduro was supposedly elected by an overwhelming vote of the people who loved him. Nancy you give a whole new meaning to the term "poll" dancing!
"Here are the facts about the LAST undecided U.S. House race:

FIRST: Democrat Dan McCready was with…

A New Adventure

I have officially filed to create Foothills Media LLC which I will use to create online content and market the books that I have authored. Right now I have 14 copies of Blood in the Ozarks that were published by Poison Pen.  I am running a special right now. You can receive your signed copy of Blood in the Ozarks: Union War Crimes Against Southern Sympathizers and Civilians in Occupied Missouri for $14.00 and this includes shipping (sorry United States only). In the coming months I will have my own website and marketing company to promote my writings ( and hopefully in the future other authors).  In addition to Blood in the Ozarks I plan to be marketing my book A Truthseekers Guide to False Flags which was just released from TBR Publishing. Unfortunately due to some differences we had about how best to promote the book I have asked to be let out of my contract and once again own the content of this controversial book on the power brokers behind our country's biggest historical ev…

Proud Boys Founder Files Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center

- From Infowars.Com

"Gavin McInnes is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center after the group designated his former organization The Proud Boys as an extremist hate group and accused McInnes of advocating violence."
In a press release held today McInnes stated:
"Montgomery, AL – Talk show host Gavin McInnes has filed suit against the hyperpartisan Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) this week. The 61-page complaint was electronically filed early Monday morning in the Middle District of Alabama outlining defamation and other tortious acts resulting in reputational and economic damages."
McInnes also stated:
"I, Gavin McInnes, formerly of every job I’ve ever had, am announcing, as of today, a lawsuit against the SPLC. They have harassed me, my family, and my friends to a level of tortious interference that goes well into sabotage.
I am doing this, not just to protect my reputation and my family but to protect everyone else’s. The SPLC has gone from a noble institu…

No Rules in No Man's Land

I received another update from disabled veteran and private investigator Edwin Turlington from Delaware County, Oklahoma. His locality and the behavior of local law enforcement there are what inspired the title of this article.
Turlington informed me when I first started to cover his story that he lives very close to the borders of Arkansas and Missouri, an area in which criminals from the two states find convenient not only to lay low, but lay low and commit other crimes, like making methamphetamine.
More specifically, they set up shop in rural areas which they believe to be abandoned, rural areas such as the Turlington family property,  a foreclosure property the Turlington's purchased that had been vacant for  years.
In April of 2014 Edwin Turlington noticed someone had built a fire on the property. When he investigated the incident he found Darrell Philpott and two of his cohorts cooking what appeared to be methamphetamine. When Turlington confronted the group, Philpott becam…