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Dem' Emails I've Been Gettin'

Recently I took a survey put out by the Democrats (you know just to mess with them) and I have been paid back 10 fold in free entertainment in the form of chain letters from them. Below is just a sample:


"Nancy Pelosi has been an incredible leader for the Democratic party. She is fearless in the fight against Trump. She’ll never stop fighting for our progressive values.

Now that Democrats control the House, we can finally put an END to Trump’s reign of terror.

That’s why it’s so important that we have strong Democratic leaders who will stand up to Trump and Republicans and fight for our future -- like Nancy!"

Oooohhh spooky. 

What is their left to say accept Venezuela's Maduro was supposedly elected by an overwhelming vote of the people who loved him. Nancy you give a whole new meaning to the term "poll" dancing!


"Here are the facts about the LAST undecided U.S. House race:

FIRST: Democrat Dan McCready was within 900 votes of winning in North Carolina.

THEN: We saw PROOF that his Trump loving opponent committed election fraud and conned elderly black voters!

NOW: North Carolina’s Board of Elections and a federal judge have REFUSED to certify the results of the election… and they may call for a SPECIAL ELECTION!"

Hey Dan McCready, you can throw out the disputed black elderly votes if your opponent Mark Harris can throw out all of the illegal immigrant votes. Let's see who comes out on top.

From (I'm guessing you've figured out all of the emails have come from this organization):

Folks, we are AMAZED by Stacey Abrams and her brilliant response to Trump’s State of the Union Address!

Even after having her election STOLEN by the Republican Party, Stacey was brave enough to stand up to Trump and his HORRIFIC agenda."

They obviously did not read the transcript of Stacey Abrams' rebuttal to President Trump's State of the Union address, published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution in which Abram's stated:

" We owe more to the millions of everyday folks who keep our economy running: like truck drivers forced to buy their own rigs"

The first thought that comes to my mind from this particular email is that it claims the race was stolen from Abrams but doesn't say who stole it.

I guess there weren't enough elderly black voters to con. The second item that comes to my mind from her SOTU rebuttal is that truckers aren't able to by rigs in a bad economy.

The last email I'm including is, surprisingly not from but from DNC headquarters. The subject of the email reads "We're about to unsubscribe you!" The email reads (in part):

"Our party is counting on you to elect Democrats up and down the ballot -- but according to our records, you haven't opened one of our emails in a while."

I think they may be on to me...


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