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The Bill Hicks is Alex Jones Theory

So this theory has been around for a while and I've never given it much thought. The theory is that comedian Bill Hicks (who died at age 32) faked his own death , and reemerged as a "character" he created named Alex Jones, an alternative media giant who started out on cable access tv and later created his own empire.

Those that believe this theory also believe that Jones is "controlled opposition" used by the government to manipulate the masses. I'll get to that part later in the post. For now I would like to concentrate on the Hicks / Jones theory.

Those who believe in the theory note the fact of how much Hicks and Jones resemble each other, Jones appeared after Hicks died, and that both Hicks and Jones were friends with Kevin Booth of Austin , Texas. It's a lot to go into but readers can view a 33 minute video which goes into all the details.

The video is convincing enough that even I wonder if Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks. However, it's the c…

Foreword: A Beginners Guide to False Flags

I received word from my publisher today that my next book "A Beginner's Guide to False Flags" is getting very close to going to the printer. In the meantime I would like to share the Foreword of the book written by Dr. Matthew Johnson. I would also like to give a very big Thank You to Dr. Johnson for graciously taking the time out of his busy schedule to write it.

Acts of terror are meant to benefit the cause for which it was accomplished. This is a simple axiom. Political action of all types is designed to gain sympathy for a cause. Killing children, the defenseless or just random people guarantees that the population at large will hate the cause in whose name the act was done.

For example, the attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 makes no sense. Killing children ensured that whoever did it would be hated forever. But even if some lunatic believed an action would help is cause, he would at least take credit for it. What would be the point of …

Users Leaving Facebook / Twitter in Droves

The big tech news this week is the stock plunge of Facebook. Zuckerberg lost between $15-18 billion dollars (according to various news reports. Today brings news of of a Twitter stock plunge. Both reports cite either less active users or users leaving the platforms. So what is the common denominator? It's censorship. 

It's the covered  warning labels over the videos informing people that the video might contain violent or upsetting footage.  One video that had a covered warning was a squirrel that was flung to the woods on a booby trapped bird feeder.

It's the censorship of Christians , Conservatives and Southerners, while at the same time  giving liberal socialists like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and so many others a free pass.

Relevant Links:

Fire Foghorn

Republican operative Roger Stone recently referred to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions as "Foghorn Leghorn" in an appearance on the Alex Jones Show.  Stone was discussing Sessions' ineptitude and I have to agree with him. I do however, believe Sessions' behavior cannot solely be blamed on being inept.
I believe that the "Deep State" has dirt on Sessions. This is the reason Sessions recused himself from the Russia "hacking" investigation to begin with, thus giving us the gift of Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.
Is it a coincidence that just as the Republican leadership was about to issue articles of impeachment on Rosenstein for defying Congressional Subpoenas and obstructing justice, Sessions suddenly runs to his defense?
In an article published on the Breitbart news website today, Sessions is quoted as stating, “My deputy, Rod Rosenstein, is highly capable. I have the highest confidence in him. You probably know, not only did he go to the Wh…

Best John B. Wells News Segment Ever

John B. Wells is the host of the subscription based nightly television talk show, Caravan to Midnight. Although it is subscription based, he does offer his nightly news segment for free. This does require you to register and then select the free option, that being said, it is worth it.

Wells was the former weekend host of Coast2Coast AM, a very popular paranormal based talk show.

To make a long story short, Wells was canned for speaking too much truth. He then founded Caravan to Midnight.

In Episode 970 he discusses the history and future plans of the African National Congress in South Africa.  The ANC has bragged about how they will not fight a regular war against the Boers describing their strategy as one of terrorism, rape and murder.

I , like Mr. Wells, believe this is the ultimate plan that the powers that be are trying to implement in the United States. The plan relies heavily upon the compassion of Americans Mr. Wells warns. The result is a brutally honest news segment that al…

To the People of Branson: The Eastern Ozarks Stand with You

I just wanted to publish a quick post about the tragedy that took place on Table Rock Lake on Thursday night. An amphibious "Ride the Ducks" vehicle was caught in a storm and did not make it back to shore. The last figures I saw were that 17 people perished during this accident (nine of which were of the same family). I have rode the "Ducks" when my children were young and it's hard to imagine losing a loved one in such an accident.

For the past several years I have worked with online and traditional printed publications as a free-lance author. One of those publications is a weekly online magazine entitled "State of the Ozarks", based out of Hollister, Missouri.

I live in the Eastern Ozark foothills of Southeast Missouri and SOTO has been a tremendous help in trying to promote the lesser known Eastern Ozarks where I live. The magazine's editor Joshua Heston can only be described as having a heart of gold. He is a good man and a good friend.

I woul…

Sage Wanderer on Globalism, the Dark Side and Luciferianism

Sage Wanderer has become a YouTube sensation. With over 15,000 subscribers he's gotten the attention of many. If you watch some of his videos you will learn that he is a former musician who's band had the interest of two major labels and one independent label until he found himself smack dab in the middle of a "crossroads" moment. Sage wouldn't sell his soul and the deals suddenly disappeared. "Sage" is also a former pastor, and a natural at storytelling, which gives him a unique perspective on current ( and past events) as he broadcasts from his "van down by the river".

Does he really live in a down by the river? Perhaps but keen observers will note that one meaning of the word "Sage" is: Teacher. The van down the river part? Let's just say it qualifies him as a wanderer, thus it can be concluded that "Sage" is a wandering teacher.

His stories are an eclectic mix of Conspiracy, Religion and Life Stories. He's worth…

The Gate Keepers Can't Be Trusted with Our History

On June 15th , 2018 I posted an article entitled "Dealing with the Media".  The gist of the article was about how a local newspaper editor had corresponded with me stating that she could not publish an event notice for our Sons of Confederate Veterans , Confederate Memorial Day event due to the fact that the paper had received a call from someone informing them of treasonous material on our Facebook Page. The "treasonous" material was nothing more than an historic quote from Missouri Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson at the beginning of the War. Below is a screenshot of the post.
It is an interesting quote. Governor Jackson (rightfully) compares the struggle between North and South to the struggle between Colonial America and the King of England. Southerners felt the Federal Government was attempting to keep them in the Union through coercion and if it was legal for the Colonials to secede from England it was most certainly legal for the South to secede from the North…

A Beginner's Guide to False Flags

My upcoming book "A Beginner's Guide to False Flags" is set to be published very soon. With that in mind I would like to share the excellent Foreword to the book written by Dr. Mathew Rafael Johnson - Clint

Acts of terror are meant to benefit the cause for which it was accomplished. This is a simple axiom. Political action of all types is designed to gain sympathy for a cause. Killing children, the defenseless or just random people guarantees that the population at large will hate the cause in whose name the act was done.
For example, the attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 makes no sense. Killing children ensured that whoever did it would be hated forever. But even if some lunatic believed an action would help is cause, he would at least take credit for it. What would be the point of a violent act if no one took credit? No one took credit for Oklahoma City, making this the one and only act of terror where no one stepped forward and told the …

Kavanaugh: The Deep State's Supreme Court Nominee

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the picture on the left gives us at least one reason why I oppose President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh and that one reason is Karl Rove."

In an article posted on the American Thinker website, Mark Levin states, "Kavanaugh has troubling Bush and Karl Rove connections."
Why is having Karl Rove and George W. Bush connections troubling?  It is troubling because both Rove and "W" are "Never Trumpers".

George W. Bush has made many statements critical of Trump . In a November 4, 2017 article published on the Business Insider magazine website, "W" is quoted as saying ( about Trump) , "This guy doesn't know what it means to be president,"

Karl Rove was quoted in a June 8, 2017 article posted on The Hill website as saying that Trump, "lacks the focus or self-discipline to do the basic work required of a president."

This is important because both Rove an…

Stories to Tell: How the Jailer Became the Inmate

In the fall of 2011 a very good senior citizen friend of mine was going through a divorce and was not taking it well. Scotty Hooe was one of my best friends in this world though he was not perfect. He was a self admitted alcoholic and had battled depression most of his life and it had taken its toll.

One day his daughter had reached out to me and said she couldn't find him. She told me he had been talking about going to a location and committing suicide. I went to his place and could not find him, his truck was gone, and so was his trusted dog Buck.
I called his daughter and told him I had feared the worse so she picked me up and headed out for the location he had mentioned. Upon arriving there he was nowhere to be found.  I thought to myself that if he wasn't home and he hadn't committed suicide then he must be in jail.
Having no luck finding him, his daughter dropped me off at my house. About an hour later I received a phone call from his daughter saying he was in jail.

Another Great Snodgres Interview

I stumbled upon another great Cody Snodgres interview. Like the Rense interview, this one was recorded in December , 2017.

Snodgres appeared on Caravan to Midnight the John B. Wells Show. Wells previously served as the Saturday host on the famous and wildly successful Coast2Coast late night program.

Snodgres talks about much of the same subject matter that he covered on the Jeff Rense Show, however, Wells was able to coax more details from Snodgres.

Like Snodgres' appearance on Jeff Rense's program , his interview with Wells is well worth the time it takes to listen.

Listeners will learn the real reasons for the false flag operation in Oklahoma City.

Pertinent links:

Cody Snodgres: Secrets of the OKC Bombing

In my last post I wrote about my discovery of Ole Dammegard through the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show. During the show they mentioned Cody Snodegres, a Black Ops agent who spent 22 years doing the bidding of the CIA.

It turns out when Cody decided to retire they offered him one last job. The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Being a patriot, he turned them down but it was experience that led him to suspect the $1,000,000 they offered him to complete the task meant they had pegged him to be the patsy and take the fall.

According to Snodgres the fact that he was about to retire along with his refusal to accept the offer meant he was a liability.

I always suspected the Oklahoma City Bombing was a "False Flag" to squash the growing militia movement in the United States and help usher in gun control and curtail civil liberties but there is so much more to this story.

Cody appeared on the Jeff Rense Show in December, 2017 to talk about his life as a "bla…

Ole Dammegard: The Man Who Pulls the Curtain Back

When I created this blog / website it was intended to serve a duel purpose. With the completion of one book 'Blood in the Ozarks' which is an historical account of the Civil War in the Ozarks and another soon to be released book 'A Beginner's Guide to False Flag's (which is exactly what it sounds like) an introductory guide to some of the biggest conspiratorial events in American history , I intended to cover both subjects. I've noticed that lately most of my posts have been Civil War related. There is nothing wrong with that, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to cover stories of a conspiratorial nature more often.

Enter Ole Dammegard. Ole is a truth teller who has spent a significant portion of his life "pulling back the curtain" on how global elites keep the public in a constant state of fear. Surprisingly I had never heard of Mr. Dammegard until I recently listened to his guest appearance on The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show.

His app…