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An Open Letter to Cape Girardeau Missouri Mayor Bob Fox Regarding the City's Confederate Monument

An Open Letter to Cape Girardeau Mayor Bob Fox, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Dear Mayor Fox,

On June 12, 2020 KFVS-12 news interviewed a “community activist” who created a petition calling for the removal of a memorial honoring Southeast Missouri’s Confederate soldiers. In the interview Sophia Voss made a baseless claim that the statue was originally erected in 1931 near the old Mississippi River bridge on Morgan Oak street as a warning to African-American citizens traveling through the area. There is no basis for that claim whatsoever.

KFVS also interviewed “community historian” Denise Lincoln who stated, “I think that if I were African-American, bringing my family through this area, and the first thing I saw was CSA, a monument to the Confederacy, this might be a town you just keep driving through.”

I can’t help but feel that Mrs. Lincoln lacks professionalism and objectivity.

If I were an African-American traveling through Cape Girardeau the first thing I would notice is the depleted condit…

New Book Focuses On Crime In Delaware County

Incompetent Commandant Cans Confederate Flag

This week I sat down for an interview with Dr. Edward DeVries for TBR History Hour.
Dr. Ed and I talked for an hour about my latest book "The Rape of Delaware County" We also discussed my relationship with Edwin Turlington, who was facing 10 years in prison for defending himself from a violent attack against a convicted felon, how the collaboration fell apart and how all of these circumstances inspired me to write about not only Turlington's five-year legal battle but the greater corruption and violent crimes that are a common occurrence in Delaware County, Oklahoma. 
Note: I have to correct myself, I mistakenly referred to Darrell Philpott as "Jerry" Philpott. I apologize for the error.
"The Rape of Delaware County" is available in paperback for $10 (b/w 145 pages) and Kindle for $.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited). Order by clicking this link.
Listen to the interview by clicking on the video below:


In addition to my appearance on the TBR…

The Rape of Delaware County

When I was first contacted by Edwin Turlington in the summer of 2018 I was told as story that literally seemed stranger than fiction.
A veteran of the U.S. Army was telling me that he was facing a 10-year prison sentence for shooting a felon on his property who had threatened him.
Mr. Turlington asked me if I could write an article to help get his story out to the public, being a sucker for a good story I agreed to do it.
The story revealed that the corruption in Edwin Turlington’s case, extended throughout the county and included “snitches” given free passes to break the law, a county jail system so corrupt that local property taxes had to be raised to settle the lawsuits of former female inmates, and a local lawyer who made international headlines for his involvement in a murder for hire plot.
As the article began to gain attention, Mr. Turlington urged me to write a book about the events, thinking it could be a vital tool to prove his innocence.
It was during this time I noticed a…

I Passed Up "The Deal of the Century"

Do you use Facebook? You know, that social networking miracle that is supposed to help us stay in touch with friends and family and maybe make more friends in the process. If you are a Facebook user chances are you've joined a few groups. If you have than there is an even greater chance you've ran into a few "control freaks".

I communicated with a "control freak" today. This individual runs a Civil War group on Facebook, and I have shared my articles numerous times there with no problems, until today. I shared a new article in the group and as with all of my articles , there is a link to purchase my book, "Blood in the Ozarks: Expanded Second Edition."

Most groups have some type of "no selling" clause in their rules, but generally speaking, if you have taken the time to research and write something of historical significance and have a link to your book in the article, it's not considered an act of "selling" because it is c…

Blood in the Ozarks Book Review

Paulette Jiles, author of Enemy Women, The Color of Lightning, News of the World & Simon the Fiddler, very graciously posted a review of Blood in the Ozarks: Second Edition on her blog. In it she writes:

Blood in the Ozarks by Clint Lacy is a much-needed look at the war in southeastern Missouri. In that area things were quite different and this work makes things about as clear as they are going to get. 

On Amazon there are a great many books (non-fiction) on the guerillas in Missouri during the Civil War, and almost all of them have to do with the guerillas/bushwhackers in Central Missouri; Quantrell, Frank and Jesse James, Bloody Bill Anderson and others.

Blood in the Ozarks by Clint Lacy is a much-needed look at the war in southeastern Missouri. In that area things were quite different and this work makes things about as clear as they are going to get. The geography was different, the terrain and the people and the circumstances were different and other than Jerry Ponder’s books …