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Probability of Christmas Massacre Increases

In 2015 my book Blood in the Ozarks, was published. It was ten years worth of research and accumulating information to prove that Union militia members massacred Confederate soldiers and their families at a Christmas gathering held at one of Colonel Timothy Reeves camps in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks near the Arkansas- Missouri border.

It was known locally and passed on through generations in the Doniphan, Missouri area. Local writers past and present have wrote about the event.  There were, of course , some skeptics in the early 2000's that conducted a campaign to rewrite history, with some success. They literally rewrote the history of Ripley County, Missouri.

One of their arguments was that the Christmas season was too cold for a Confederate officer to hold a gathering for his men and their families in such an isolated location.

To the historian, information comes in months and years, rather than weeks. An invaluable tool form me has been It is at this internet l…

Blogs and Blue Coats

I was doing some research on the August, 1863 capture of General M. Jeff Thompson while he was at Pocahontas and stumbled upon a blog operated by a local guest house.

This particular post focuses on Confederate officers Reeves and Carter and states:

"This episode of Pocahontas and the Civil War tells of a fascinating deception by which southern sympathizers tricked men in southern Missouri into entering the war on the side of the south, just as men used to “Shanghai” sailors, using force, liquor or drugs to fill ships’ crews by unscrupulous means"

The basis for the belief of the blog post is a letter sent to General Davidson in Pilot Knob , Missouri from Lt. Colonel Theo Harmann who was commander at Fort Barnesville.

The Confederate government passed a conscription act on April 30th, 1862. The United States conscription act was not passed until March 3, 1863.  The fact that Reeves' and Carter's men were wearing Union jackets was most likely done not to trick citizen…

She Said - He Wed: Kelly Jones Interview Raises Questions

Before getting into this post's intricate details, I first want to say a few things about Alex Jones. First I think he has "awakened" millions of people to what our government (or most governments in general) is capable of. I was one of them. His work on exposing and questioning the official story of what happened on September 11, 2001 was groundbreaking. That being said, after awakening so many people in the early 2000s it is disappointing to see him "walk back"much of the research that he has done on the subject in the past 18 years.

He appeared on a recent episode of Coast2Coast am with host George Noory , Jones states that he now believes the attacks on September 11, 2001 were caused by a government "stand down" order which allowed Saudi hijackers to carry out their missions.

The problem with this is that Jones made his video documentary "9-11 Road to Tyranny" so well that it is preposterous to believe that the attacks were successful m…

Only You Can Prevent Forrestal Fires

John McCain has died this weekend at the age of 81. He was a naval aviator, a p.o.w. and a senator.

Dubbed a "Maverick" for his independent political views many considered him a hero.

Many but not everyone.

A post I found on the Facebook Group "The Eagle Eye" pointedly takes a different path in the description of the Senator, a far different eulogy than the lovefest the media is publishing. From the Eagle Eye:

" This is my opinion page, so I can say what I want here. If you loved John McCain, then I advise you not to read any further! I will say that the death if John McCain has been a difficult loss for his family, although maybe they feel relief knowing he isn't suffering anymore. But, from my standpoint, I'll be blunt. McCain was a kiss ass middle of the roader doing what was politically correct, NOT what was right for our country. Obama won his first Presidential term because of McCain. McCain was a loser (and was rejected just like Mitt Romney). …

Rogan's Rules

Admittedly I don't watch or listen to many episodes of The Joe Rogan experience but when I saw Shooter Jennings was scheduled to appear on Rogan's program I tuned in to watch.

I'm not a fan of all Shooter Jennings music but I must say I am a fan of most of it. His new album "Shooter" is a honky tonk masterpiece.

Music aside, I have to admire Shooter for being his own man. He has an independent spirit which has led him to not only become a singer / songwriter but also led him to start his own record company of which he is president.

Naively, I expected Rogan to ask questions regarding Shooter Jennings' new album but instead all I saw was Rogan baiting Jennings into questions regarding Alex Jones and conspiracy related subjects. When Jennings tried to answer them Rogan would either talk over or interrupt him.

You can't mention Alex Jones these days without approaching the subject of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. It was during this discussion that Ro…

Oklahoma Veteran Arrested for Defending Himself Against Alleged Meth- Maker

On the evening of April 14, 2014 Edwin Turlington, a U.S. Army Veteran and Private Investigator who lives in Delaware County, Oklahoma noticed two men starting a fire on adjacent property owned by his brother. Ed tells me, "When I purchased the property it was land locked so my brother purchased the property next to it so I would not have to get an easement."

The incident has placed Mr. Turlington in a four year legal battle and facing a 10 year sentence if convicted.
Mr. Turlington states he:

"Found three strangers, including convicted drug dealer Darrell Philpott cooking Meth on land his brother recently contracted for and already acquired the right to possess. Relying on his law enforcement training and experience, Ed realized the men had taken the license plates off their truck, which is a significant indicator they were going out into the community with bad intentions. Ed executed a citizen's arrest in accordance with Oklahoma statutes. Rather than submit to t…

Timothy Reeves Post War Work

I found a neat little book entitled "Historical Sketches of the Baptists of Southeast Missouri".

I found a little sketch of Timothy Reeves who was a Baptist preacher before the war. During the war he was a hard fighting commander of the 15th Missouri Cavalry C.S.A.

I had read in other publications that Reeves returned to his previous profession following the war and apparently he pursued it with the same vigor that he exercised  as a cavalry commander during the War Between the States.

In the following information is found:

"In 1866, after the war, Elder Timothy Reeves (whom the book spells Reaves) submitted a good report on of missionary work done by him that year in the bounds of the Association-having baptized over 80 persons and organized  five new churches. "