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1918 Newspaper Article Blows the Lid Off White Supremacy Monument Argument.

America is in the midst of an epidemic in which historical monuments across America are being taken down. The majority of these monuments are located in the South, dedicated to remembering the common Confederate soldiers, its leaders and the hallowed ground on which so much blood was shed as two factions of the American continent went to war over political differences. 
Newly elected President Abraham Lincoln envisioned a Union with a strong central government in which the states would be subservient and Northern industrial interests would be protected. Political leaders in the South envisioned a more traditional path for the country in which the states would retain the majority of power and the central government would operate in a more limited role subservient to the states.
It was a bloody, costly brutal war in which (depending on whose figures are cited) 620,000 American soldiers died by combat , starvation and disease.  It is only natural that both factions honored those who ser…

The Truth about "Balance"

We here it all the time, calls for "balance", in newspapers and television. We've all heard that "one" cable news network's slogan of "Fair and Balanced" but are they? Trick question. The answer is "no" they are not and neither is any other newspaper outlet, television news organization or talk radio host.
Everyone has their biases and the only time we really here about bias is when someone from "the other side" says something we don't agree with.
I've recently received a lot of good feedback from the release of my new Kindle eBook "Blood in the Ozarks: Union War Crimes Against Southern Sympathizers and Civilians in Occupied Missouri."
There have been a few people who gave some negative feedback upon the Kindle release of the book. One person had some criticism of "What the hell do you mean occupied? Missouri was a divided state."
I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Was it really divided o…

Who is Simon Roche?

I was recently asked to participate in a four person panel for the Dixie Heritage Hour , hosted by Dr. Ed DeVries. Each person was interviewed separately, beginning with me, then Pat Shannan (former editor of the American Free Press newspaper), Rick Tyler ( a conservative activist, former congressional candidate and American Freedom Party candidate for President in 2020) and finally Simon Roche, Spokesman for the Suidlanders organization) from South Africa.

The reason for this series of interviews was President Trump's  response to the mass shootings in El Paso, Tx and Dayton Ohio. In his response President Trump stated:
"In one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy" and urged the passage of so-called "red flag" laws.
"In one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy" and urged the passage of so-called "red flag" laws.- President Donald Trump
The purpose of the panel was for Dr. Ed to see i…

Sometimes Those Examining the Well Intentioned Get it Wrong Themselves

The following is response to Al Benson's latest article "Sometimes Even the Well Intentioned Get it Wrong". It is an open letter to Al and let me be clear, a man I highly respect and appreciate. The matter at hand is that my "beef" is not with Mr. Benson but a greater problem at large. The "Deep South's" constant labeling Missouri a "Union" state.  Missouri seceded and gave heavily to "The Cause", perhaps in some ways more than any other.

Al sir,
While I have much respect for you I find myself in the EXACT same position that you have towards the Infowars article. I feel you have good intentions with this article BUT as a Missourian with Kentucky roots I have to take issue with the fact that you make the same mistake that many in the “Deep South” make. That mistake is lumping Missouri,, Kentucky & Maryland together as Southern beliefs but loyal to the Union. Maryland never had the chance to secede because of Lincoln’s blatan…

My Appearance on Blood River Radio

I appeared on Blood River Radio tonight with hosts Eddie Miller & Jacob Tyler. Among the subjects covered was my work at The Barnes Review, The American Free Press, my book Blood in the Ozarks and the upcoming release of my new book "A Beginner's Guide to False Flags: The Deep State's Agenda Behind America's Biggest Events".
We also talked about how the media, elected officials and national level church leaders are coordinating their efforts to erase history and usher in a one world faith church. The time flew by and I enjoyed by appearance. I hope you enjoy it too.

Beware of the CINO's (Christian In Name Only)

I was doing some research on Confederate monuments today and by sheer coincidence I stumbled upon an article which was posted in 2016 Confederate about Confederate monuments in Missouri and Mississippi. The article was published on a Wheaton Academy blog and appears to be written by two individuals who were students there at the time.

The students write that:

"Throughout our research of monuments in both Mississippi and Missouri we have concluded well not all monuments may be racist, some encourage and revive violent confederate beliefs. The monuments have brought out radical actions in both states. For example, in Mississippi, near the Rankin County Confederate Monument a black male was killed due to radical Confederate beliefs. James Craig Anderson, a 49 year old black male was assaulted and ran over by an 18 year old White Confederate supporter, Deryl Dedmon (Therese)."
The students then turn their attention to examples in Missouri...
"Similar to the situation in Mi…