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The subject of the USS LIBERTY has been so censored and so ignored by the media that few people have heard of of the event.

Lyndon Johnson owed a lot of favors to those who put him in power. The F.B.I. , the C.I.A. , elements of the Mafia and last but not least, the nation of Israel.
No proof can be more convincing of Lyndon Johnson’s debt he owed to Israel than the sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty.

On June 8, 1967 the U.S.S. Liberty was attacked by elements of the Navy and Airforce of Israel. The ship was in international waters and contained no armaments , it was an intelligence gathering ship.
The Liberty was under surveillance for 9 hours by Israeli aircraft and radar, they knew the Liberty was a United States ship. In fact, there is no way that they could not know it was a U.S. vessel.

With full knowledge that the Liberty was an American ship, Israel attacked the Liberty killing 34 U.S. sailors and injuring 174.

More information was found in the American Free Press newspaper which repor…


One of the more interesting facts that I found while researching "Blood in the Ozarks" is that many in Arkansas had either given up in the War's last days or joined the Union when it took control of the State. Another interesting fact is that this proclamation was dated December 25, 1863. The same day as the massacre of Colonel Timothy Reeves' men of the 15th Missouri Cavalry , CSA and their families who had gathered for a Christmas dinner at on of Reeves' regimental camps near the Arkansas state line.


"The following proclamation, issued by Col. Livingston, formerly commanding at this Post. He now has charge of the district of N.E.Arkansas. (Headquarters, Dist. North Eastern Ark., Batesville, December 25th, 1863.)” Proclamation to the Citizens of Northern Arkansas: Ordered to assume command of the District of North Eastern Arkansas, I have come among you clothed with authorit…


I stumbled upon an interesting book while digging through some archives. The book entitled "Crimes of the Civil War and Curse of the Funding" contains the story of 10 Southern citizens in Palmyra, Missouri who were executed because a Union informant had gone missing. This book goes into more detail of the event than any other book I've read that touched on this subject.  According to the author Henry Clay Dean:

"In the town of Palmyra, Missouri, John McNeil had his headquarters as colonel of a Missouri regiment and commander of the post. An officious person who had acted as a spy and common informant', named Andrew Allsman, who was engaged in the detestable business of having his neighbors arrested upon charges of disloyalty, and securing the scouting's and ravages from every house that was not summarily burned to the earth. 

This had so long been his vocation that he was universally loathed by people of every shade of opinion, and soon brought upon h…

SAVING CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS (is easier when the local paper doesn't censor)

Today's Southeast Missourian newspaper printed my Letter to the Editor about saving Confederate monuments.

Unfortunately, they heavily edited said Letter, including omitting the fact that I belong to the Stoddard Rangers Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp along with our contact information.

If you're in the Southeast Missouri area, are a man of good character and want to help defend the honor and good name of our Confederate ancestors then please contact us about joining. You can do this by visiting our Facebook page or by contacting our Camp Commander Barry Crumly at: 573 625 0726.


In this video , New York Firefighters talk of hearing 3 separate explosions and warn there could be more bombs in other buildings.  Also of note is a firefighter stating he saw a large BLACK plane fly into the one of the towers. This and much more information can be found in my forthcoming book "A Beginner's Guide to False Flags" coming this Spring / Summer 2018.


Lyndsay Murdoch was a radical Unionist and immigrant from Scotland. As the story goes, Murdoch left Bollinger County Missouri fearing the wrath of Southern Sympathizers in the area and moved to nearby Cape Girardeau. The History of Southeast Missouri reports:

"In August, 1861, Gen. Fremont gave Lindsay Murdoch of Bollinger County, a commission as lieutenant colonel, with orders to recruit a battalion for the defense of Cape Girardeau. With the assistance of Maj. (Daniel) Abbey he raised four companies which were known as the Fremont Rangers. They were recruited mainly in Bollinger, Scott and Cape Girardeau counties, and were commanded by Capts. J.T. Burk, William P. Harris and Michael S. Eddlemon. From Aug. 4 to Dec. 25, 1861, the Rangers served without pay or clothing, and did nearly all the scouting in Southeast Missouri."

The account then records that of the Missouri State Militia, only one regiment, the 12th Cavalry, was organized in Southeast Missouri composed of eight…


The February 18, 1898 issue of the San Francisco Call newspaper reports that Spain attacked the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor and that the country would be held accountable for its action. Did Spain really attack the vessel or was it an elaborate set up to justify a war? These and other questions will be answered in my upcoming book "A Beginner's Guide to False Flags" available in Spring / Summer 2018.


James Perloff, author of the article ‘The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green writes, “I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, where on April 19, 1775, a force of British redcoats, on their way to Concord to confiscate rebel munitions, encountered a small force of militiamen. Suddenly, "the shot heard round the world" was fired. In the ensuing skirmish, eight colonists were killed, and nine wounded. The British suffered one wounded. This was a causus bellum for the American Revolution.
But, was "the shot heard round the world" a false flag like 9-11, a pretext for war?

As explained in detail my online article The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green, Americans were deceived. It was proclaimed everywhere that the British had committed an unprovoked massacre in Lexington. The truth is individuals in concealed locations fired on the British first.”

Perloff goes into more detail stating that Samuel Adams secured a pledge from the delegates of the 1774 Philadelphia Con…


Interview with George Bollinger, Cape Girardeau County Missouri:

“One time day wuz two hundred sojers cum to our place—dey wuz Southerners, an' dey wuz nearly starved. Massa tole 'em dey cud kill dat big steer. Dey shoots him 'en 'fore he drops dey wuz on him; skinnin' him. By dat time udders had a fire built 'en de men pull out dey knives 'en dey cut off hunks; dey puts 'em on a stick 'en hol's 'em ovar de fire a few minutes—didden give 'em time to cook thru fore dey et it. Dat ole steer didden last long. 'En 'Massa' had ten cribs 'er corn. He tole' em to —— dey selves. 'Bout dat time a dispatch came, dat de "Yankees" wuz commin'. Dey went up to meet 'em, 'an dey had a battle over at Patton. Long 'bout midnight sum of 'em came back, wounded. Aunt Polly helped 'em, but she begged 'em not to stay dere, or de "Yankees" cum in, burn de house down.”...


Among the new information that can be found in the upcoming release of "Blood in the Ozarks: Second Edition"is additional information of Colonel W. H. Righter , who plays a prominent role in "Blood in the Ozarks".  While a few skeptics have questioned whether or not he was a Colonel in the service of the South during America's War Between the States,  the late Jerry Ponder provided enough information to the Veterans Administration to fit the requirements to have a headstone provided for him.

In addition, Colonel Righter is listed with among Confederate Veterans attending a United Confederate Veterans reunion in a May 19th, 1911 issue of the Ripley County Democrat newspaper.