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136 Years Ago Jesse James was Murdered by Bob Ford (or was he?)

There is credible information that suggests that Jesse James did not die at the hands of Bob Ford.  The theory is that an elaborate plan was hatched to kill his cousin due to the fact that he was committing robberies under the guise of the James Gang.

Jesse James was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle. The secret society was hiding caches of gold and silver to fund a new Confederacy and Jesse's cousin was drawing unwanted attention with his escapades.

There were in fact THREE Jesse James', all cousins. Ron Pastore conducted an investigation, which he documents in his book "Jesse James Secret".

I had the distinct honor of interviewing Ron Pastore last year. The article appeared in the March / April 2017 issue of the Barnes Review Magazine and I am posting it in four parts in this post.

ANOMALIES SURROUNDING THE DEATH OF JESSE JAMES Is There Any Truth to Theory Bandit Survived And Why Would He Fake His Own Death?
PART 1: https://bloodintheozarks.files.wordpres…