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Clint Talks "Truthseeker's" on the Brian Ruhe Show

A Truthseeker's Guide to False Flags: Now Available Online

The American Free Press has now made ordering "A Truthseeker's Guide to False Flags" easier by making it available online.

"A Truthseeker’s Guide to False Flags and Other Strange Events in American History"by Clint Lacy exposes the false-flag agenda of the Deep State!

“Fort Sumter Has Been Fired Upon by the Rebs!” 
“Remember the Battleship Maine!” “Unarmed 
Passenger Liner Sunk by German U-Boat!” 
“December 7, 1941: A Day That Will Live in Infamy!” 
“North Vietnam Attacks U.S. Vessel in Gulf of Tonkin!” 
“Arab Terrorists Take Down Twin Towers!”

All of these events and the ensuing inflammatory mainstream media headlines and news coverage were used as rallying cries to push a predominantly pro-peace nation toward war. But could these events have been prevented? Did they occur the way we were told? A bigger question is, what if the causes of these events and the media propaganda barrage were all scripted by the clandestine forces we call today the Deep State?

Information e…