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Information exists today that sheds doubt upon the official narratives on many events in U.S. history.

For instance, Cuban terrorists did not blow up the Maine, FDR knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor having all but ensured it would happen, the U.S. provoked the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin and that the government—at the very least—allowed hijackers to conduct the 9/11 attacks on America and—at the very worst—orchestrated the event, logically with the help of foreign players.

In A Truthseeker’s Guide to False Flags and Other Strange Events in American History, revisionist author Clint Lacy examines the official narratives of each of these events (and many more) and then provides information that contradicts the official story, proving that we, as citizens, need to be ever vigilant, refusing to accept without independent investigation any scenario the Deep State foists upon us.

Some of the Topics Covered in A Truthseeker’s Guide to False Flags and Other Strange Events in American History include:

  • The First American False Flag
  • Revolutionary False Flags
  • The War of 1812: False Flag?
  • The Mexican-American False Flag
  • Lincoln’s False-Flag War
  • The Spanish-American Set-Up
  • The Lusitania Ruse
  • The Planned Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • The Korean False-Flag Trap
  • The Gulf of Tonkin False Flag
  • USS Liberty Failed False Flag
  • Political Assassination Strangeness
  • The Grenada Invasion False Flag
  • Manuel Noriega’s Frame-Up
  • False Flags and the First Gulf War
  • Bill Clinton’s Bogus War on Terror
  • Ascendancy of Bush & the Neocons
  • The September 11 False Flag
  • Barack Obama: Mystery Man
  • Mass Shootings Oddities
  • Domestic False-Flag Terrorism
  • Did Trump Turn the Tables?
We must remember, however, that at one time or another, all of the theories in this book were considered pure lunacy. Today we know many of these theories are based in fact. For instance, the Lusitania was by no means an unarmed passenger liner, and there was a vast network of conspirators behind the killing of John F. Kennedy. Saying as much at the times these events occurred, however, could have gotten you branded insane or a traitor‚ or even thrown in jail. (That’s how Abe Lincoln dealt with his critics.)

Softcover, 195 pages, $22 plus $4 S&H inside the U.S.

Order Online by clicking this link

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