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Gordon Duff Fluff

Gordon Duff appeared on the Jeff Rense Show on December 20, 2018 and some of the things he had to say were quite shocking. Anyone questioning the validity of this man would  have easily have found an answer to this question by listening to Rense's December 20th show.

I want to state publicly that I like Jeff Rense but that doesn't mean that I have to agree with everything he has to say.

Rense, like many questioned President  Trump's decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria and cut the amount of troops stationed in Afghanistan by half.

Quite frankly I don't understand the philosophy of people who opposed the U.S. involvement in Syria but then got mad when Trump announced the withdrawal of our troops from the region.

Duff is one of those people , however, he goes far beyond the mere criticism of most Trump detractors.  In my opinion Duff suffers delusions of grandeur. In his December 20th appearance of the Jeff Rense Program, Duff, made note that Governor Chris Christie turned down the job of Chief of Staff eluding that the Trump administration was in so much trouble that Christie didn't even want the job. Duff then turned to the discussion of who would replace outgoing Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis. It was during this discussion that Duff stated he was actually expecting a phone call in which he would be asked to take the job, but of course , he said he would turn it down.

If that weren't enough Duff went on to claim that Al Gore (yes that Al Gore) was the only person who could save America.

Just what are Duff's qualifications that would make his information credible?

According to his bio on the Veterans Today website:

"Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues."

 The Keshe Facts blog reports that Gordon Duff's real name is Bob Foote and accuses him of spreading fabricated lies as evidence as well as being an FBI troll and a Rockefeller "foot soldier".

Another website entitled 'Task and Purpose' goes so far as to claim that Duff is not a combat veteran stating that Duff:

"was not the special operations Marine combat veteran that he claims to be, but actually only spent 18 months in the Marines as an administration clerk… and was in Vietnam for what appears to only 16 days."

I can't be sure as to whether or not Duff has overstated his military record but based on the interviews  I have heard, he certainly seems capable of anything that would enhance his credentials (and his ego).


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